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4545x3.1/8-DUN | Dunlop Taper Bushes

Manufacturer Dunlop
Bore (mm) 79.375
Bore (inches) 3.125
Keyway Width (mm) 22.225
Keyway Width (inches) 0.875
Keyway Depth (mm) 6.604
Keyway Depth (inches) 0.26
Screw Quantity 3
Screw Size (BSW) 3/4
Hex Socket Size (mm) 14
Large End Diameter (mm) 162
Large End Diameter (inches) 6.378
Bush Length (mm) 114
Bush Length (inches) 4.488

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4545×3.1/8-DUN Taper Bush manufactured by Dunlop can be used as a shaft fixing on all types of industrial equipment. With a nominal bore of 3.125inches this Taper Bush offers versatility and reduced fitting time. Ease of installation and removal makes this the most successful shaft fixing in the market place today. If you require additional information please contact Sales on 01952 676926.